The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The course that teaches you how to add a noticeable bump to your bank account each month without resorting to any slimy marketing tactics or adding tons of extra work to your busy schedule.


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Grow Your Online Business Fan Club

without having to niche down, declare yourself an expert or even be clear on your 'message'!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The one thing you need to be clear on before you can grow your audience of super fans (and how to actually get clear!)
  • Why your 'ideal client avatar' matters so much less than you think, and how to actually decide who you want to work with.
  • The three main paths to grow your fan club and which one to focus on for quick(er) results.
  • How to authentically position yourself as someone with things to say on a range of topics without faking you're an 'expert'.
  • My special mindset shift so you never have to 'sell' and even better, you'll actively want to get out there in front of more people!
  • How to infuse your unique-ness into your business so you have a memorable and stand-out brand.

What's Included?

  • 1 hour, 30 mins training in bite-sized lessons with closed captions and detailed notes
  • The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
  • Worksheet with all the questions in the training to keep all of your answers in one place.
  • Bonus 1 hour training: on ‘How to come up with the perfect freebie for your audience’ to help build your email list.


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Nurture your peeps and turn them into repeat customers at the same time.

It’s not magic. It’s community.

Client/student-only groups are magical because they:

  • Build maximum know-like-trust factor by creating a safe space for you + your people
  • Give your folks a more VIP/special feeling about themselves
  • Offer up the best market research available by putting all the people you know are buying in one place

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid plan for launching a client/student-only group and all the know-how on how to engage, grow, and make money from it. 


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What's Included:

"Before the course I was a bit 'meh' about affiliate marketing, I thought it would take more effort than I'm willing to make. However the training was laid back and swiftly actionable. I can get creative with how I approach affiliate marketing - it's not all sleaze and shameless plugs!" - Daire Paddy

"I have so many ideas now! I've got a whole list of programs to sign up with and things to do to regularly promote affiliate offers to my audience. It feels so much easier and doable now. I used your tip during a Cyber Monday sale and I got 6 sign ups! I've already gotten so much out of this course. Thank you for creating it. You presented this info in such an easy to understand way that I think even beginners would walk away feeling like they could do this." - Sarah Anderson