Profitable Live Trainings

The course that helps you add a magically low-stakes, low-effort, endlessly-repurposable offer to your business - without creating an ultra-complicated funnel or going through a soul-sucking launch.


1 payment of $600

or 5 monthly payments of $125 (for a total of $625)


You should be aware that when you make your purchase you are agreeing to pay the full purchase price. Where you opt to use a payment plan, that is not an option for part-payment but a way to make our products more accessible to you. Payment plans require payment in full. If you default on your payment plan, you will receive an automated email notifying you that your payment has failed. Our system will automatically attempt to take the payment again three more times over the next week. Should all those payments fail, we reserve the right to immediately revoke access to the product and you will be required to pay the outstanding balance of your payment plan in full to regain access.


"I used Profitable Live Trainings to create my Instagram Reels Masterclass. I made over $1000 from the live launch... and 3 times that from having the class evergreen! I was super afraid to turn my class evergreen because it wasn't "perfect." Profitable Live Trainings let me see that it is better to just do and turn the course into cash on demand! I'm so grateful for what I have learned here." - Monica Monfrey

"I create professional online courses for a living, and I have high expectations for what I want to learn when it comes to online training. Lizzy not only delivers amazing trainings that get you excited to apply the concepts, but also provides clear goals in small steps during the sessions. I recommend her courses and resources to all of my online business friends and colleagues.” - Melody Johnson

"I just love the idea of being paid to create a course! This course has changed a lot of what I’m planning to offer in the future. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to start creating online courses - especially those who are trying to build something special!" - Jonathan Stewart

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Payment Options

One payment of $600
Five monthly payments of $125
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Excited to launch your paid live training, but dreading that damn sales page?

I teamed up with awesome copywriter, Fabi Nilsson, to create this plug-and-play sales page template that will nix your copywriting troubles. Written specifically to sell paid live trainings, all you need to do is fill in the gaps with the deets of your training and voilà! You're ready to make it rain - ya'know, the fun kind of rain.

Grab the template for $47 and write your sales page quicker than you ever thought possible!


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Sell more of your PLT while you grow your list with a Tripwire Offer!

Imagine making a sale of your PLT immediately after someone joins your email list. Like, on-the-thank-you-page type of immediately. That’s the magic of a tripwire offer! 

The Tripwire Training gives you everything you need to know to start making surprise money with a tripwire, so you can sales while you focus on growing your list (instead of waiting until you have a bazillion subscribers.)

Learn how to plan, set up, launch, and refine your tripwire offer — all in just a couple of hours (or less!)

What's Included?

  • Immediate, lifetime access to the full course so you can turn your PLT into a tripwire offer in mere hours once it’s created

  • A handy checklist walking you through all the steps of the process, so you don’t miss anything or any $!
  • Download the lessons to your fave podcast app to listen + learn on the go
  • Access to a library of tech tutorials showing you how to set up your tripwire offer — no tech headaches involved!


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Trust me on this one: once you create your first PLT, you’re going to be totally hooked on this easy, low-pressure way to create on-demand courses in your business.

But if you want to keep selling those courses (in a bunch of fun ways)... you are going to need a plan to grow your audience.

Grow Your Online Business Fan Club shows you exactly how to do it without having to niche down, declare yourself an expert, or even be clear on your ‘message’!

You'll learn:

  • The ONE thing you need to be clear on to grow an audience of super fans (and how to get that clarity!)
  • Why your ‘ideal client avatar’ matters so much less than you think, and how to actually decide who you want to work with
  • The 3 main paths to grow your fan club and which one to focus on for quick(er) results
  • How to authentically position yourself as someone with things to say on a range of topics without faking you're an 'expert'
  • My special mindset shift so you never have to 'sell' and (even better) actively want to get in front of more people!
  • How to infuse your unique-ness into your business so you have a memorable and stand-out brand

Oh, and did I mention that it’s incredibly easy to go through + implement? All thanks to…

  • 1 hour, 30 mins worth of bite-sized lessons with closed captions and detailed notes
  • The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
  • Worksheet with all the questions in the training to keep all of your answers in one place.
  • Bonus 1 hour training: on ‘How to come up with the perfect freebie for your audience’ to help build your email list.


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