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Small But Mighty $9 Offers

The super-meta, teeny-tiny course that gives experienced digital product creators the inside scoop on adding a bite-sized $9 offer to their business.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why you should absolutely add a teeny-tiny offer to your existing product suite
  • How to repurpose what you’ve already created into a small but mighty standalone offer
  • The unique position & purpose of $9 offers compared to traditional low-ticket ($17-47) products
  • My favourite strategies for a low-key, tiny offer launch


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Ever noticed how you pay more attention to stores you have a gift certificate for?

‘Credit To Your Business’ is an action-packed mini course that shows you how to start cashing in on the wealth of opportunities when you start offering 'credit’ in your business.

"It's a short but complete training teaching you how to implement gift certificates in your business. It covers everything you'll need to decide what to offer, when, to who and why + also how to handle the credit for each customer. After the training I bet you'll be inspired to try it as soon as possible!" - Claudia

"Oh wait - did a $9 workshop just help me have a $13,600 affiliate launch?! Oh yes it did!!


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Grow Your Online Business Fan Club

without having to niche down, declare yourself an expert or even be clear on your 'message'!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The one thing you need to be clear on before you can grow your audience of super fans (and how to actually get clear!)
  • Why your 'ideal client avatar' matters so much less than you think, and how to actually decide who you want to work with.
  • The three main paths to grow your fan club and which one to focus on for quick(er) results.
  • How to authentically position yourself as someone with things to say on a range of topics without faking you're an 'expert'.
  • My special mindset shift so you never have to 'sell' and even better, you'll actively want to get out there in front of more people!
  • How to infuse your unique-ness into your business so you have a memorable and stand-out brand.


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