The Tripwire Training

Make surprise money while you grow your list with a tripwire offer

- this training will show you how.

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Immediate access to the full course with everything you need to know to get your tripwire offer up and selling in just a couple of hours.

A handy checklist walking you through all the steps of the process, so you don’t miss anything or any $!

Download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.

Access to a library of tech tutorials showing you how to set up your tripwire offer — no tech headaches involved!

Exclusive invite to Team EBG's Party Pad - my private student Facebook group.


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Plug + Play Tripwire Copy Template

Excited to launch your tripwire, but dreading that damn sales page?

I teamed up with my awesome copywriter, Fabi Nilsson, to create a plug-and-play copy template that will nix your copywriting troubles. Written specifically for tripwires, all you need to do is fill in the gaps with the deets of your offer and voilà! You're all set for fun surprise money!

  • Created specifically for tripwire offers
  • Easy to customize, fill-in-the-gaps copy template.
  • Can be used with any page/site builder as this is a copy template
  • High-converting (aka money-making) sales copy that doesn't sound sleazy.

Add this copy template to your order and let's get your tripwire up ASAP!

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Grow Your Online Business Fan Club

without having to niche down, declare yourself an expert or even be clear on your 'message'!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The one thing you need to be clear on before you can grow your audience of super fans (and how to actually get clear!)
  • Why your 'ideal client avatar' matters so much less than you think, and how to actually decide who you want to work with.
  • The three main paths to grow your fan club and which one to focus on for quick(er) results.
  • How to authentically position yourself as someone with things to say on a range of topics without faking you're an 'expert'.
  • My special mindset shift so you never have to 'sell' and even better, you'll actively want to get out there in front of more people!
  • How to infuse your unique-ness into your business so you have a memorable and stand-out brand.

What's Included?

  • 1 hour, 30 mins training in bite-sized lessons with closed captions and detailed notes
  • The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
  • Worksheet with all the questions in the training to keep all of your answers in one place.
  • Bonus 1 hour training: on ‘How to come up with the perfect freebie for your audience’ to help build your email list.
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Make a Flash For It!

Discover my super quick, super easy, and super repeatable process for making big money with little effort using flash sales.

Make a Flash for It! is an online course covering everything you need to know to start making bonus money with flash sales.

I’m taking you behind the scenes of my most profitable flash sales and showing you the method to my madness.

But more than that… I’m giving you a super quick, super easy, super repeatable process to make money whenever you want or need with offers that require little to no effort!

What's Included?

  • All the deets on my super simple process for profitable flash sales.
  • 6 underrated product ideas for when you don’t know what to sell.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes of my 3 most profitable flash sales, including my strategy and the exact emails I sent to my audience.
  • Immediate access to the course of bite-sized videos with closed captions and notes with recommended resources and links.
  • The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
  • Bonus: That (Black) Friday Feeling - a separate mini-course with everything you need to map out your Black Friday offer in an afternoon! (Normally $9)

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